Data Maverick: Learn analytics skills with friends using the internet's best resources.

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Learn Data Analytics Online in 8 Weeks

Our next cohort:

  • October 16 - December 9, 2023 (3 PM Eastern Time on Mon, Wed, Fri + DIY study Sat)

Data Maverick is a community that hosts a bootcamp that teaches you analytics skills in 8 weeks.

Unlike many data analytics programs, you won't pay a king's ransom for questionable live instruction. Instead, you'll learn using affordable analytics courses that 80% of the Fortune 1000 use to train their teams.

And unlike online courses solo, you won't learn alone — you'll meet with a coach, join four 3-hour group study sessions each week, and build friendships with real people, to leave with the base skills of a six-figure Data Analyst.

Stop procrastinating.

Finally build data skills in 2023.

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Note that our community memberships do not currently include the price of the DataCamp courses I recommend. See FAQ below for estimated cost.

This is NOT a typical data analytics degree.

This is Data Maverick, your 90-hour path for acquiring the skills of a six-figure Data Analyst:

  • Learn using the best free and affordable educational resources the internet has to offer,
  • Within a supportive cohort-based community to make sure you actually complete them.

This is the path I would take if I were to drop out of university to teach myself analytics again. It's that university diploma, but faster and more efficient. That expensive brand name bootcamp, but a fraction of the cost.

It's my favorite analytics courses and articles on the internet, plus open-ended projects that I created for you to tailor to your industry of choice. This open-source curriculum mimics programs offered at places like Harvard, University of British Columbia, and Flatiron School.

My curated curriculum is free for everyone to view, but note that you must pay separately for some of the resources I recommend — see FAQ below for how much.

Quiz: Is Data Maverick HQ right for you?

Have you wanted to try data analytics, but aren't sure the first step to take? Are you overwhelmed with the number of different platforms, strategies, and price points out there for learning to code?

Have you started to learn data analytics, but now feel stuck? Are you learning by yourself, spending an hour here and there, never making any serious progress?

Do you want to start learning, but are self-conscious about your skills? Are you intimidated by coding? Do you find yourself hesitating to try to get that analytics job because you might fail and feel stupid?

If any of these sound familiar...

Then Data Maverick HQ was built for you.

The constraints you need to finally start learning data skills consistently.

All beginner data pros face the same 9 problems

  • Distractions
  • Procrastination
  • Self-confidence
  • Getting stuck on a problem
  • Impostor syndrome
  • Learning consistently
  • Choosing a course
  • Assuming you won't be good
  • Finding time to learn

If you're reading this, chances are one (or more) of these problems are keeping you up at night (and keeping you from learning analytics).

And chances are, you know you should learn these skills — which is why you're on this page in the first place.

Whether it's to improve your thinking, accelerate your career trajectory, or help you pivot from that job you want more from, analytics is something that's been on your list for a while.

The accountability you've been missing.

Maybe you've tried data before. But, time and time again, you fall off. Something comes up. What starts off exciting becomes too difficult. And before you know it, you're back to square one.

But this is because there was no accountability.

‍You tried to start doing analytics on your own, almost doomed from the beginning.

But Data Maverick HQ solves that problem. You learn to analyze data alongside dozens of other learners all with the same goal as you: to work on your data analyzing skills consistently.

This creates an accountability so natural it will surprise you.

Learning analytics alone is hard.

Learning analytics with a community is easy.

There are 3 killers of learning data analytics.

Bad Habit #1: Picking bad courses. So many aspiring data analysts think all data courses are roughly created equal. They're not. Some courses teach you too much at once, all but guaranteeing you get frustrated and stuck. Having well-designed, beginner-friendly courses is crucial.

Bad Habit #2: Not setting a "costly" schedule. Have you ever started a course with the best intentions, but abandoning it because you skipped one learning day you mentally committed to, and then another day, and another day? Many learning plans have been ruined by undefined schedules that don't have social or monetary costs for skipping days.

Bad Habit #3: Not dialoguing with other learners. Have you ever watched or read something and wished you could share the experience with someone going along the same journey? Taking a course alone means none of the camaraderie and knowledge-gap filling dialogue that was built into almost every learning experience humans have had up until the last decade.

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Join four 3-hour group study sessions per week (3 hours each) to complete 20 bite-sized industry-favorite data courses in 8 weeks.

Binge studying for 6+ hours on a Saturday (as many bootcamps and workshops do) is a poor strategy for learning analytics.

Throwing a zillion new concepts into your brain just to forget most of it by next weekend?

No thanks.

Instead, you should start smaller. 3-hour study sessions are an ambitious and sustainable pace I've found in my time learning and teaching online. One single new concept introduced per session. And, instead of hour-long lectures, you'll watch five-minute videos followed by interactive exercises, as per DataCamp's industry-leading instruction style (my preferred course provider).

During our Data Maverick HQ scheduled cohorts, you'll learn 4 times per week over 8 weeks to keep your data muscle fresh.

Click "I want this!" to secure your spot onboard the October 16th cohort

Our next cohorts start:

  • October 16, 2023 - December 9, 2023 (3 PM Eastern Time on Mon, Wed, Fri + DIY study Sat)

How our study sessions work

For the first study session on Monday, you'll meet me and your fellow cohort mates, then we'll complete the first day's worth of coursework all together. Then every Wed and Fri (*and every Mon, Wed, and Fri for the following seven weeks*), we:

  • Meet for a 15-minute hello and check-in (3 PM - 3:15 PM)
  • Study on our own for 1 hour 15 minutes (3:15 PM - 4:30 PM)
  • 5-minute check-in at the midpoint (4:30-4:35 PM)
  • Study for another 1 hour 19 minutes (4:35 - 5:54 PM)
  • Then meet at the end for a summary check-in, and preview of our next session (5:54 - 6:00 PM)

On Saturdays, we do "Silent Sessions" without a coach present. Here you have the freedom to complete your 3-hour study session as you wish. Members often gather together during the same time slot for a unique student-only experience.

The Discord chat is open during the study times (and afterward, as well). Learners set their breaks as desired, communicating with the group when they're stepping away from the chat. During the check-ins we share progress updates, as well as concepts from the courses that piqued our interest.

What is our curriculum?

Our bootcamp is a 90-hour data analytics curriculum made up of the internet's best analytics resources that I specifically curated for our members. You will:

  • Complete 20 bite-sized courses from the best teachers on the internet, including content from the University of Michigan's Dr. Charles Severance and DataCamp's Data Evangelist Richie Cotton,
  • Read 11 career-focused articles from Google's Chief Decision Scientist Cassie Kozyrkov,
  • Take 7 interactive skill assessments on DataCamp to measure your acquired skills (and later, quantitatively display them),
  • Create 3 portfolio-enhancing projects using my project guides to apply your skills (Premium members only),
  • Build a stand-out portfolio using my portfolio building guide to display your skill assessments and projects (Premium members only),
  • And to top it all off, complete DataCamp's Professional Data Analyst Certification, recently rated #1 Data Analytics Certification by Forbes.

In our bootcamp you will learn using the internet's best resources within a supportive community to acquire high-paying analytics skills without spending 4 years and $41,672 on a degree.

By the end of the curriculum, you'll have the base skills needed to land an analytics gig. When you graduate, you'll be ready to take advantage of our curated job posts and job hunt support, as well as connect with other data pros and unlock career opportunities.

Note that Data Maverick is learner-supported. Some of the links I provide in my curriculum are affiliate links, which means that I will receive a commission (at no extra cost to you) if you use that link to make a purchase.

For more on how I chose the content in the curriculum, read this article.

What our alumni say about our group study sessions

Frequently asked questions

  • Where is the curriculum? The curriculum is available here.
  • What do the courses in the curriculum cost? The prices of some of my recommended courses vary depending on your billing location and how long you take to finish them. For folks in the United States, the courses will be $78 total (note: this is separate from our Data Maverick community memberships) if you finish in under two months (2 months of a DataCamp subscription). Combined with our Coach-Led Cohorts + Projects membership, the total cost for your analytics education will be $153.
  • How long does it take? There are 90 hours of content in the curriculum. I've found 3 hours per day to be an ambitious and sustainable pace in my time learning and teaching online. 90 hours / 3 hours per day = roughly 30 days total. Then 4 days a week means we complete the curriculum in 7.5 weeks, so just under two months.
  • Is it self-paced? Yes, you can complete the curriculum on your own schedule. We also have scheduled cohorts where you can progress through the curriculum with other members at the same time.
  • Can this be done with a full-time job and on a slower pace instead of in 8 weeks? Yes, our students often complete our program with a full-time job. If you are working 40 hours per week, twelve hours beyond that for our four 3-hour group study sessions each week is doable without burning yourself out. I would not recommend joining our 8-week cohort pace if you work more than 40 hours per week.
  • What should I learn before joining? There are no prerequisites for my curriculum other than basic math skills (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division).
  • How do I sign up for a cohort? In our Discord community, we have a channel called #cohort-signup where you can indicate which cohort you wish to join.
  • When do cohorts run? Once a month, with 3-hour group study sessions scheduled every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday for eight weeks. The curriculum is repeated every month at different times of the day so that it covers every timezone.
  • What do Student-Led Cohorts look like? If you signed up for our Basic membership, we have scheduled events in Discord for each group study session (Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday). These are audio/video calls with chat rooms. For the first call, I will be present to welcome you to the community and facilitate meet and greet. Second call onward, these free cohorts are completely student-run.
  • What do Coach-Led Cohorts look like? Joining our Premium community gets you more time with me. For the first study session on Monday, I will facilitate meet and greet, then complete the first day's worth of coursework with you. Then every Mon, Wed, Fri for the following seven weeks, I will join the study session call for 20 minutes at the start for progress updates and Q&A. Often students ask more general questions about the job market and careers in the data industry.

A snapshot from our 3-hour welcome call, hosted by me. Premium members only.

  • What are the 4 exclusive Premium member-only resources in the curriculum?
    • Project: Programming for Data Analytics. A project guide and rubric, created by me. You'll use this to create a random walk "hacker statistics" analysis to add to your portfolio.
    • Project: Data Analysis in Python. A project guide and rubric, created by me. You'll use this to create a data analysis in Python to add to your portfolio.
    • Project: Data Analysis in SQL. A project guide and rubric, created by me. You'll use this to create a data analysis in Python to add to your portfolio.
    • How to Create a Data Analyst Portfolio That Gets You Noticed. A PDF guide by me. Here you'll market yourself as a Data Analyst on the job market leveraging the strategy I used to get a six-figure data analyst income.
  • How do the personalized project reviews work? In my project guides, I include instructions for submitting your project for review. I will then review your project according to the rubric and provide you with a grade and feedback within two business days. Here's the experience of one learner:

A learner submitting their project for review.

The learner's response after reviewing their graded project and coach feedback.

  • Is this program suitable for machine learning roles? Graduates of our program are equipped with the base skillset of a Data Analyst. These skills are useful in machine learning contexts, and some of the courses you'll take will match those of a machine learning program. However, they are fundamentally two different roles within the world of data. You will not be prepared for a machine learning role after completing our program.
  • Is this program suitable for data engineering roles? Once again, graduates of our program are equipped with the base skillset of a Data Analyst. These skills are useful in data engineering contexts, and some of the courses you'll take will match those of a data engineering program. However, they are fundamentally two different roles within the world of data. You will not be prepared for a data engineering role after completing our program.
  • Can you be hired for 1:1 coaching? If you want additional 1:1 coaching from me, send me an email.
  • Can you be hired for private workshops? If you want me to host a private workshop for your employees, colleagues, or kids, send me an email.
  • Is it true Dr. Chuck's Python for Everybody course is hosted in your Discord? Yes, that is correct. Dr. Chuck encourages other teachers to reuse and remix the materials in his famous course. I've included Chapters 1-10, the best chapters in the course according to student review data, in our Discord. We only use Chapter 1 in our curriculum, but the entire course is there for you should you wish to take it. Here's what it looks like:

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Data Maverick: Learn analytics skills with friends using the internet's best resources.

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